You’re Gonna Be Sorry You Let Me Down

You told me once dear I was true and kind
You told me then love that you were mine
But now you tell me that you were blind
You like your parties and good times

I’m sorry darlin cause you feel this way
But you told me truthful to my face
You found another to take my place
All dressed in diamonds pearls and lace

   I’m sorry darlin cause you let me down
   A truer love now you think you’ve found
   But when I’m laid deep down in the ground
   You’re gonna be sorry you let me down

So now I’ve lost you but I still have faith
That you will see the mistake you made
And when you find dear that you are wrong
You’ll ask forgiveness and come back home

I believed you darlin when you said to me
That we’d be happy that we’d be free
But now I’ve found dear a fault in thee
When we were wed love I could not see