Ninety Nine Years is Almost For Life

The court room the judge waited there
My mother was crying when I left my chair
The sentence were sharp for it cut like a knife
For ninety nine years folks is almost for life

I dreamed of the whistle I heard the bells ring
My sweetheart was coming some good news to bring
I knew that she loved me and that she’d be true
She said she would save me I’m guilty as you

She went for a pardon or else for parole
I know she’ll come back for she’s part of my soul
If she ever fails me I’ll be mighty blue
I’ll stay in this jailhouse I’ll die in here too

They said I was a criminal and to my despair
They sent me to Nashville and shaved off my hair
So come hear my story I’ll tell you my fate
I’m serving in Nashville for another man’s hate

I just got a letter from Nashville town
And after I read it my spirit broke down
It’s sad that my sweetheart and the judge would be wed
And here in this jailhouse I wish I was dead

No matter how right folks a man he may be
Bad company will send him to prison like me
So take a good woman and make her your wife
For ninety nine years folks is almost for life