Your Mother Still Prays For You Jack

The night was dark and stormy
The wind was howling wild
As an aged mother gazed upon
The portrait of her child
As she gazed on the baby’s features
That once filled her heart with joy
He’s now in this wild world roaming
That mother’s long lost boy

   Your mother still prays for you, Jack
   Your mother still prays for you
   In a home far over the ocean
   Your mother still prays for you

At last there came a letter
It was deeply edged in black
From a comrade long forgotten
Who still remembered Jack
They have lain your dear old mother
In a grave so dark and cold
And she wants her boy who is roaming
To meet her on the streets of gold

His stony heart was broken
As he thought of his mother dear
And in spite of his comrades laughing
He could not keep back his tears
In spite of the great temptations
That once filled his heart with tears
So he started for Heaven that evening
As sweetly the people did sing