Wishing Waltz

The wedding bells chimed for somebody else
I wish they were ringing for me
And though I was hopin’ someday you’d be mine
I guess that it never can be

Wishing wishing never again to be lonely
Waiting praying you know that I love you only so

When you are laughing with somebody else
You know I’ll be cryin’ for you
I may be smilin’ to cover my tears
While waltzing with somebody new
And wishing that someone was you

I’m waltzing with somebody else in my arms
But you’re still the one in my heart
I’m always dreamin’ of our used to be
Wishing we had a new start

I keep on wishing and hoping you’ll find
That I am the right one for you
I may be waltzing with somebody else
But darlin’ I’ll always be true
‘Til I’m wishing and waltzing with you