Windy Mountain

    Oh, how I’d like to be upon a windy mountain
    Where the tree tops scrape the sky
    Then I would forget all my worries and my troubles
    I’ll just let the wind blow them by

I how I love the sound of the wind when it’s howlin
For it blows my blues away
It makes me forget the girl that I’m lovin
Lets me forget until another day

Let me hear the leaves on the trees when they are singing
Just a moment of relief is all care
For I’ve got no sorrow heartaches or sadness
As long as I can see the trees that sway

Oh, my friends bury me a way up on the mountain
Where that old wind will always blow
For I want to rest alone on the mountain
With the howlin wind that I love so

Tell my old lover in care you should see her
Just how much I love her she’ll never know
And that I’ve gone to rest away upon the mountain
Where the howling wind will always blow