Will The Roses Bloom Again

‘Neath the shadow in the meadow
Lillies lie on every side
By the river flowers shudder
Fading dying in their prime

Lovers parting lonely crying
Sadly strolling down the lane
Someone saying I must leave you
Til the roses bloom again

   When the roses bloom again
   When the roses bloom again
   I will meet you I will greet you
   When the roses bloom again

Sunshine’s over crimson clover
Blooming in the meadow bright
Summer fingers softly lingers
Whispering softly in the night

Someone roaming in the gloaming
Strolling sadly down the lane
For that promise she would cherish
Til the roses bloom again

She was faithful to her lover
She was true until the end
Though she knew not what befell him
Still she hopes they’ll meet again