Who’s That Knocking At My Door

Whose that knocking at my door, have I heard that knock before
Is it evil trying to get into my room
Who’s that tapping at my window, who’s calling me to go
To a place that’s filled with dark and gloom

Oh this life that I’m living, it seems so unforgiving
I find trouble everywhere that I go
I always seek it first, just to quench my burning thirst
In waters that are cool as fallen snow

But the waters are oh so deep, what you sew you must reap
Now I hear a knocking at my door
It’s evil standing outside, there’s no place to run and hide
It plucks my soul and presses me to the floor

Oh I’ve been down that pathway, it always leads the wrong way
But this time I don’t think I’ll be back
Feels like a freight train pulling me, there’s a dark tunnel ahead I see
This train’s going down a one-way track