Who Killed Poor Robin

Who killed Cock Robin
I said the Sparrow with my little bow and arrow
I killed Cock Robin

Who saw him die I said the Fly
With my little eye I saw him die

Who caught his blood I said the Fish
With my little dish I caught his blood

Who’ll make the shroud I said the Beetle
With my thread and needle I’ll make the shroud

Who’ll dig his grave I said the Owl
With my pick and shovel I’ll dig his grave

Who’ll be the parson I said the Rook
With my little book I’ll be the parson

Who’ll be the clerk I said the Lark
If it’s not in the dark I’ll be the clerk

Who’ll carry the link I said the Linnet
I’ll fetch it in a minute I’ll carry the link

Who’ll be chief mourner I said the Dove
I mourn for my love I’ll be chief mourner

Who’ll carry the coffin I said the Kite
If it’s not through the night I’ll carry the coffin

Who’ll bear the pall We said the Wren
Both the cock and the hen we’ll bear the pall

Who’ll sing a psalm I said the Thrush
As she sat on a bush I’ll sing a psalm

Who’ll toll the bell I said the bull
Because I can pull I’ll toll the bell
All the birds of the air fell a-sighing and a-sobbing
When they heard the bell toll for poor Cock Robin