Where The Silvery Colorado Wends Its Way

The twilight softly gathered
Round my home among the hills
And all nature soon will settle away to rest
While I sit and sadly ponder
And my heart with longing fills
As I often think of one that I love best

We were wedded in the springtime
And our hearts they knew no pain
Fair nature seemed to smile on us that day
Now she sleeps beneath the lilacs
And she’ll ne’er come back again
Where the silver Colorado wends its way

   There’s a sob on every breeze
   And a sigh comes from the trees
   And the mocking birds they sing a sadder way
   For the flowers creep no more
   Round my cheerless cabin door
   Where the silver Colorado wends its way

The silver snow is gleaming
On your distant mountainside
Where often used to wander Nell and I
And the birds are singing gaily
In the valley far below
Where I long some day to lay me down and die

Then our lives were gay and happy
In the shadow of the hills
My heart beats fonder for her day by day
And I feel her presence near me
As I sit alone tonight
Where the silver Colorado wends its way