When The Roses Come Again

Neath the shadow down the meadow
Leaves lying on each side
By the river flowers shiver
Fading dying in their pride
Someone straying long delaying
Sad the parting down the lane
I must leave you someone’s saying
Till the roses come again

   When the roses come again
   When the roses come again
   I will meet you I will greet you
   When the roses come again

As I wander I will ponder
On a happy by and by
On a summer over yonder
With joy to you and I
Do not borrow grief or sorrow
In the hours that yet remain
We shall know of that tomorrow
When the roses come again

Sunshine over clover
Blossom on the meadow wide
Some I finger sweet to linger
Everywhere on every side
Someone’s roaming in the gloaming
Happy hearts that feel no pain
All their sadness turned to gladness
Now the roses come again