When It’s Time For The Whippoorwill To Sing

Oh the stars and the silver moon is shining
All around is the sweetness of the spring
But I’m sad and in loneliness I’m pining
For the one I know I’ll never see again

   How I long for the day when I shall see her
   If it be where the angels sweetly sing
   She is mine and the thought of her grows sweeter
   When it’s time for the whippoorwill to sing

When I left with the thought I’d be returning
Soon to her with the wealth and joy I’d bring
I returned but too late and now I’m yearning
She is gone and in loneliness I sing

I remember the night she made the promise
And these words said to me great joy did bring
I’ll be true and you know you’ll find me waiting
When it’s time for the whippoorwill to sing