All alone down on my luck
I was down to my last buck
I’d do anything for money
Short of stealin’

So I get up from my bed
Shake the memories from my head
And look out through the window pane
On Wheeling

In this same old room last night
Two loving arms held me so tight
And the words she said
I found myself believing

Ah but this morning she’s gone
Left me to face the lonely dawn
Gonna bid farewell to that lyin’ gal
In Wheeling

That old memory sure looks cold
This old town is covered with snow
And the way I feel Lord
Life ain’t worth living

I’m gonna cross that big old bridge
Gonna climb that Ohio ridge
Gonna turn my back on this lonesome town
Called Wheeling

Wheeling Wheeling
Your’e a lonesome town Wheeling
But I’m leaving just like I come
Broke and hungry and on the bum
But I won’t forget the girl I met
In Wheeling