What Does The Deep Sea Say

Where is my sailor boy
Oh where is my sailor boy
He lies on the bottom of the deep deep sea
And he can’t come back to me

Please tell me deep blue sea
Is he sleeping peacefully?
The wind from the north is blowing icy cold
Please keep him warm for me

   What does the deep sea say
   Oh what does the deep sea say
   It moans, it groans, it flashes and it foams
   And rolls on its weary way

I stand on the beach alone
And gaze at the misty blue
Deep sea as you hold him to your breast
Does he mention my name to you

If only my dreaming soul
Some token of love could find
If only a wave would show my where he sleeps
Then I’d leave this world behind

A beautiful rose one day
I placed on the crest of a wave
Deep sea take it please
And lay it so it falls above his watery grave

The driftwood I watched in vain
My rose never came back again
Deep sea take another message to my love
Saying I’ll meet him above