Twenty Twenty Vision

I been to the doctor he says I’m all right
I know he’s lying, I’m losing my sight
He should have examined the eyes of my mind
20/20 vision and walkin’ ’round blind

Since she’s gone and left me I feel so alone
I carry a heart that is heavy as stone
I knew that she cheated, I knew all the time
20/20 vision and walkin’ ’round blind

With my eyes wide open I lay in my bed
If it wasn’t for dying, I wish I was dead
But this is my punishment, death is too kind
20/20 visionJi…

You just couldn’t know her the way that I do
You say that she’s wicked and maybe it’s true
But one thing I do know, she’s no longer mine
20/20 vision…

I’ve lost her, I’ve lost her, oh what will I do
I bet you’re not happy if she’s there with you
The eyes of your heart will have trouble like mine
20/20 vision…
20/20 vision