Traveling On And On

Oh I was lost in the darkness and I wandered astray
With no one to help me along on my way
Until I heard Jesus calling saying come unto me
And I’m traveling on and on

   Oh Lord I’m traveling on by the help of my Savior
   I can never more stray for Jesus leads the way
   And my heaven lies awaiting at the end of my journey (my journey)
   Oh Lord I’m traveling on and on

Oh I can hear Jesus calling and his voice sounds so sweet
And I knew that the time would come to me that he’d speak
But these trials are over for he bid me come home
Now I’m traveling on and on

Oh the Lord is my savior I will walk with him each day
He will help and protect me to the end of the way
My journey soon will be over and I’ll join a happy band
Now I’m traveling on and on