Thy Burdens Are Greater Than Mine

In a little country village
I met a man and he was blind
As I helped him cross the highway
I cried thy burdens are greater than mine

   I can see the light of day
   And I need not feel my way
   Yes thy burdens

Saw a lad well on his travels
Trying hard to play the game
Though his leg was very crippled
And he could not speak his name

Still he smiled in understanding
Though life to him had been unkind
As I watched I thought in sorrow
Son thy burdens

   I can speak my name aloud
   Make my way among the crowd
   Yes thy burdens

Just by chance I passed a graveyard
Saw a young man kneeling there
In his hand there were some roses
On his lips there was a prayer

On a stone these words were written
My soul is God’s my memory thine
As I watched I thought in sorrow
Friends thy burdens

   I’m just a drifter all alone
   I got no friends I got no home
   Yes thy burdens …