Thinking Tonight Of My Blue Eyes

Oh you told me once dear that you loved me
That we never no never could part
But the link in the chain has been broken
And I’m left with a sad and aching heart

   Oh I’m thinking tonight of my blue eyes
   Who is sailing far over the sea
   Oh I’m thinking tonight of her only
   And I wonder if she ever thinks of me

It wouldn’ve been better for us both had we never
In this wide wicked world ever met
For the pleasure we’ve both seen together
I am sure we will never forget

Now you may have friends on the ocean
And you may have some over the sea
But you’ll travel this whole wide world over
And you’ll never find a faithful friend like me

Like the birds that go out in the spring time
Just to wander for pleasure alone
While the sun shine is smiling upon them
But someday they return to their home

When the pleasures of life cease to call you
And you’re done with your wine and your song
Then come back to your home in the mountains
To the girl who’s been waiting so long