There’ll Be No Distinction

There will be no more sorrow on that heavenly shore
There’ll be no wolfs a howlin near the old cabin door
We will all be quite wealthy and there’ll be no more poor
When we all get together on that heavenly shore

   There’ll be no distinction there (over there)
   There’ll be no distinction there
   For the lord am just and the lord am right
   And we’ll all be white in the heavenly light
   There’ll be no distinction there

In the same kind of raiment’s in the same kind of pews
We will all sit together in the same kind of shoes
The white folks and the colored the gentile and the Jews
They will all be so happy that he doesn’t refuse

They tell me up in heaven we will all be as one
And we’ll all sing together when the life’s crown is won
Our fathers and our mothers and sisters will be there
For they tell me up in heaven no distinction there