The Train That Carried My Girl From Town

Where was you when the train left town
I’s standing on the corner with my head hung down
If I had my gun I’d let the hammer down
Lord I’d shoot that rounder took my girl from town

   Hey that train that carried my girl from town
   Hey hey hey hey

I wish to the Lord that the train would wreck
Kill that engineer and break the fireman’s neck
There goes the train that carried my girl from town
If I know’d her number boy I’d flag her down

Rations on the table and the coffee’s getting cold
Some dirty rounder stole my jelly roll
Hello Central give me 6 – 0 – 9
I wanta talk to that woman of mine

Ashes to ashes and dust to dust
Can you show me the woman that a man can trust
There goes my girl somebody bring her back
Cause she got her hand in my money sack