The Testing Time

The testing times is just ahead
For the children of the king
Just press along and do not dread
But pray and shout and sing

The time of sorrow it will come
When the beasts shall arise
And sit as God upon his throne
To deceive the blinded eyes

And what that beast may mean to me
No moral can tell
But if we do not take his mark
We can not buy or sell

Our Children they may cry for Him
And some of us may die
But praise the Lord I’m trusting one
That rules the range on high

His children He will not forsake
And when He hears His own
Crying out in agony
The son will leave his throne

His angels He will bring with Him
And send them east and west
And north and south to gather in
The ones that stood the test

Oh won’t you come and go with me
The transportation’s free
Christ Jesus paid the debt for all
On dark Mount Calvary