The Lone Green Valley

Way down in a lone green valley
Down where the roses bloom and fade
There was a jealous lover
In love with a beautiful maid

One night the moon shone brightly
The stars were shining too
And to this maiden’s cottage
The jealous lover drew

Come love and we will wander
Where the woods are gay
While strolling we will ponder
Upon our wedding day

So on and on they wandered
The night bird sang above
The jealous lover grew angry
With the beautiful girl he loved

Down on her knees before him
She pleaded for her life
But deep into her bossom
He plunged the fatal knife

Oh Willie won’t you tell me
Why have you taken my life
You know I’ve always loved you
And wanted to be your wife

I never have deceived you
But with my dying breath
I will forgive you Willie
And close my eyes in death