The L&N Don’t Stop Here Anymore

When I was a curly headed baby
My daddy set me down on his knee
Saying boy you go to school and you learn your letters
Don’t become no dusty miner boy like me.

   And I was born and raised in the mouth of a Hazzard holler
   Where the coal cars rolled and rumbled past my door
   But now they stand in a rusty row of empties
   ‘Cause the L&N don’t stop here anymore.

Now I used to think my daddy was a black man
With script enough to buy the company store
Oh but now he goes to town with empty pockets
And Lord his face is as white as a February snow.

Never thought I’d ever live to love that coal dust
Never thought I’d pray to hear those tipples roar
Oh but God I wish the grass would turn to money
And feel my greenbacks in my pockets once more.

Lastnight I dreamed I went down to the office
To get my payday like I’ve done before
But those kudzu vines they were covering over the doorway
And there were weeds and grass growing right up through the floor.