The Cuckoo Bird

The cuckoo is a funny bird she sings as she flies
She’ll bring you glad tidings she’ll tell you no lies
She sips from the pretty flowers to make her voice clear
And she’ll never sing cuckoo till the spring of the year

A-walking and a-talking and a-wondering go I
A-walking for my true love he’ll come by and by
I’ll meet him in the morning for he’s all my delight
I could walk with my true love from morning to night

Come all you fair maidens take warning from me
Don’t place your affection on a young man too free
For leaves they do wither and roots they do die
And your love he will leave you and he’ll never say why

But if he will leave me I’ll not be forlorn
And if he’ll forswear me I’ll not be forsworn
I’ll get myself up in my best finery
And I’ll walk as proud by him as he walks by me

The Osborne Brothers;