Texas Bluebonnets

   Those Texas bluebonnets how sweetly they grow
   For all the wide prairies they’re scattered like snow
   They make all the meadows as blue as the skies
   Reminding me of my little darlings blue eyes

Well I wanted to ramble so I started to roam
And I didn’t think twice about leaving my home
But when I got to Texas not far from Burnet
Those Texas bluebonnets wouldn’t let me forget

I ran out of money went to work on a farm
Picking their melons and hoeing their corn
And all winter long Lord I herded their cows
And I tried to forget my little darling somehow

But then springtime had blossomed
And it just made my head feel bluer than blue
Those Texas bluebonnets they smiled in the sun
But they just made me think of my only one

I’m leaving the southland I’m leaving today
I don’t know where I’m going but I know that I can’t stay
I guess I’ll go north to the ice and the snow
Where those Texas bluebonnets never will grow

In the cold frozen Iceland I’ll live ’til I die
Where I’ll finally forget my little darlings blue eyes