Stormy Waters

Though a pilgrim on earth I may journey alone
Knowing not what the future may hold may hold
I’d rather have Jesus and sing a sweet song
Than to covet their silver and gold

   Stormy water around me and the tempest and fury may roll
   But I have my dear Saviour how he helps me nobody can know
   When it seems I’m forsaken and my earthly friends misunderstand
   Stormy waters surround me but I’ll hold to God’s unchanging hand

Angry billows may toss me and cause me to fear
Stormy waters around me may roll
I will hold to the hand of my Saviour so dear
He’s the Shepherd that’s keeping my soul

Though I have disappointments so often I sigh
And my cabin is humble and bare
But someday I’ll inhearit a mansion on high
Where the beauties of heaven I’ll share