Stern Old Bachelor

I am a stern old bachelor
My age is forty four
I do declare I’ll never live
With women anymore

I have a stove that’s worth ten cents
A table worth fifteen
I cook my gruel in oyster cans
And keep my things so clean

   Oh little sod shanty
   Little sod shanty give to me
   For I’m a stern old bachelor
   From matrimony free

When I come home at night
I smile and walk right in
I never hear a voice yell out
Or say where have you been

On a cold and stormy night
In a cozy little shack
I sing my songs and think my thoughts
With no one to talk back

I go to bed when ever I please
And get up just the same
I change my socks three times a year
With no one to complain

At night when I’m on peaceful sleep
My snores can do no harm
I never have to walk the floor
With a baby in my arms

And when I die and go to heaven
As all good bachelors do
I will not have to grieve for fear
My wife will get there too