Something Got A Hold Of Me

When first I heard of a people who claimed
This old time religion was real
I says I’ll go down and look at the crowd
It’s just the weak minded I feel

   But something got a hold of me
   Yes something got a hold of me
   I went there to fight but on that night
   There’s something got a hold of me

I went right down to sit at the door
And the devil said don’t you go in
I said I’ll go in for that cannot hurt
And sit as far back as I can

About that time he got up to leave
And he looked right down upon me
He told everybody how mean I had been
Not thinking so much of me

They sing and shout and they all clapped their hands
And they all got down on their knees
When the fire came from heaven it fell right on me
And then I fell to the floor

So now I’ve learnt and there’s no need to doubt
That the old time religion is real
I have a spirit I’ll never forget
That something got a hold of me