Somebody’s Waiting For Me

In a noisy eastern city sat a lonely lad one night
In a bar room where the wine began to flow
From a table in the corner the young man slowly rised
And he said it’s getting late boys I must go

   For somebody’s waiting for me
   Someone who loves me I know
   There’s a light shining bright in the window
   For somebody’s waiting for me

I suppose you have a sweetheart his companions jovially said
If she’s pretty we would like to see her too
If you’ll only stop your teasing I will show her to you boys
She’s the only sweetheart that I ever knew

From an old brown leather pocketbook a picture he did take
Of a gray-haired lady with a bowed-down head
She’s my mother and my sweetheart and she waits for me tonight
So you see I told the truth boys when I said