Sharecropper’s Son

We moved here from somewhere when i was fourteen
Worked this poor ground for bacon and beans
Landlord told me that the hard times are near
It didn’t mean a thing ’cause they’re already here

    Daylight till dark my work’s never done
    Lord have mercy on this sharecropper’s son

Mama’s got the fever and the baby’s sick too
Papa’s downtown just soakin’ up that booze
Just out of prison, says he’s never goin’ back
Ain’t a bloodhound in georgia that can follow his track

We bought a new mule, brought him up from down south
He’ll kick the chewin’ tobacco right out of your mouth
Water in the well nearly clear out of sight
Can’t take a bath on a saturday night

Crops are all wilted, no rain day or night
Preacher come for dinner, we ain’t got a bite
Eleven in the family, ten daughters and a son
Mama just told us there’ll be another one