Saint Regis Girl

In a pine treated grave by the river
Where the nightingale sings sad and low
All alone lies a Saint Regis maiden
Who did sing this sad song years ago

Never more will my heart fill with gladness
As I stroll through the forest again
For to prison they’ve taken my lover
That’s why my poor heart’s full of pain

When in prison your dying from sorrow
I hope you’ll recall those last days
That together we spent in this valley
And the vows that we’ve shared on its quay

Oh if I could but burn down that prison
To steal you away for awhile
They could carry me off to the gallows
And I’d go to my doom with a smile

When the moon is high in the heavens
And the mountains do gleam in its light
How often I’ll dream of you sweetheart
As I mourn there alone in the night

There will be a green grave in the forest
And people when passing that way
Will think of that Saint Regis maiden
As she lies there alone in the clay

A shadow has crossed o’er the valley
Where once only sunshine did reign
But where ever life’s pathway may lead me
I shall ever remember our dream

In the future someday I will meet you
On the bright shore so far from this world
And there before God I will greet you
That’s the dream of the Saint Regis girl