Ruination Line

Dust in the meadow, smoke on the mountainside
Theres an air of desparation comin cross the great divide
Thunder rollin, shakin the valley down
But it ain’t the second comin thats drummin up that soud
    Its the train of broken dreams run on misery and woe
    Come to take the down-trodden when there’s noplace else to go
    And there’ll be no mistakin when you hear that whistle whine
    You’re standin at the station of the ruination line

Tell you brother I can’t get no sleep
There’s heretics in the capitol and heroes on the street
In this corp’rate prison what for is my bail
Its 80 bucks a barrell son your freedom is for sale
    Well they give me excuses, they give me their word
    But its hard to give a damn when your unemployed, uninsured
    Can’t afford to pay no doctor, no ambulance ride
    They just left me with my chances on the ruination line

Drive your mule boy, up that field and back
You gotta earn your keep here make no doubt about that fact
No time for stallin, no time for to wait
No time for your lost soul just tryin to find its place
    All I ever wanted was a little peace and quiet
    A stash of my own,and a girl to hold tight
    But now I’m broke,dry and dirty and my good love passed me by
    Feel I’m primed and ready for that ruination line

So lay my head down on that rail
And maybe she can ease my mind
And I pray she moves me swiftly down that ruination line