Reckless Motorman

Yonder stands the reckless motorman
Who says his age is twenty one
Standing by his mainline motor
Saying folks what have I done

Is it true I’ve killed my brakemen
Is it true that he is dying
Oh I tried to stop my motor
But I could not stop in time

See the cars stacked up on him
See him raise his weary head
See his sister standing by him
Crying brother are you dead

Sister sister I am dying
Soon I’ll be on yonder shore
Soon I’ll have a home in heaven
There’ll be no braking anymore

Go and tell my youngest brother
Take these words true and end ?
To never start the day a braking
For his life is sure to end

Go tell my father who is weighman
What he weighs to weigh it fair
There’ll be no scales up in heaven
For that meeting in the air