Rambler’s Blues

When I first heard the sound of the river going down
knew I had to travel like the waters from my home
To see what I could see go beyond my boundaries
And look into the heart of the life I chose for me.

   On and on oh why must I ramble
   Following dreams out before me in the night
   On and on the highway’s a gamble
   Better think of home again before it’s out of sight.

When I left to see the world my one and only girl
Decided that this passion is a fearful thing to fight
I tried to prove her wrong I said I won’t be long
Please take the love I give you but I knew that she was right.

She never asks the wherefores but sometimes just the whys
That her love alone can hold me from the current deep inside
I hope and pray that she’ll be there each time that I come home
The strength her love still gives me is the thing that lets me roam.