Radio Boogie

Well I got me a hat and old guitar
And I made a down payment on a second hand car
I got me a job on the radio
Now I’m saving up money for a fiddle and a bow

   Do the radio boogie
   All over the dial
   With a solid kick and a red hot lick
   And some Tennessee style

Well early in the mountain when the sun comes up
I pull the cork from the jug and I take a little sup
If the sun keeps a-shining I’ll plow the corn
If it stars to rain I’ll just grind it in the barn

Well I call my gal on the telephone
What you doing honey are you all alone
Come on over about an hour or so
And we’ll both do the boogie by the radio

Yes I got a job in a hillbilly band
I got brand new clothes I got money to spend
And everbody asks me where we play
The radio boogie’s all they can say