Queen Anne’s Lace

With every golden curl in place she’s as fine as Queen Anne’s lace
And know one could ever fault the way she looks tonight
The man standing by her side shows her off with such eager pride
Seems since I saw her last she’s done all right

She could never place me in her mind for me the years have not been kind
She’d never see the boy she knew in the man I’ve grown to be
From her station and her place she’d never recognize my face
I have fallen like a wind blown leaf from her memory

   For she’s traded all her pain for bright lights and chilled champayne
   And I’m sure her new found friends all think they know just where she’s been
   Yes they think they know here well all the stories I could tell
   She’s as fine as Queen Anne’s lace but I knew her when

Now it’s hard to believe I know but she once loved me long ago
And I ‘spose I should be hurtin’ just to see her once again
Oh but now she’s grown so proud I wouldn’t want her anyhow
She’s as fine as Queen Anne’s lace but I knew her when

Del McCoury; Blue Side OF Town