Prisoner’s Farewell

Sweetheart a prisoner’s last letter
I had to send to you today
But when you read these words of sorrow
My soul will then have passed away

For at the dawn of day tomorrow
I then will pay for my mistake
God gave me courage for this message
I’ve realized my sin too late

   A letter dear and from a prisoner
   Don’t shed a tear when I am gone
   I’ve troubled you too much already
   I hate to leave you all alone

As if in dreams I see you smiling
Your pretty eyes are like a song
You warned my darling now I’m pining
You knew that I was doing wrong

Outside the shadows now are fading
They circle me complete my life
I’ll soon be gone and when I’m dying
I’ll think of you and pay the price

I hear the guard outside my window
And on his rounds he seems so slow
It seems he’s trying me to comfort
It seems he hates to see me go

Please take this message to my mother
And give her all my love and cheer
This final message now I’m writing
To one I’ll always love so dear