Prisoner’s Dream

Last night as I lay sleeping I dreamed a dream so fair
I dreamed about my darling the rose was in her hair
I dreamed I left this prison started in life a new
She told me that she loved me told me her love was dear

It was only a dream just a prisoner’s dream
As I lay on my cold prison bed
My dreams of you can never come true dear girl
I wish that I were dead

I dreamed she called me darling kissed me and held me tight
I dreamed that we were married dreamed of a starry night
I dreamed about our children playing around my knee
They loved me called me daddy they thought the world of me

I dreamed a dream so lovely heaven on earth it seemed
My wife and little children came to me in that dream
They threw their arms around me I was their pride and joy
My little wife she loved me I was her darling boy