Poor Rebel Soldier

I’m a poor rebel soldier a long way from home
Ain’t had me no loving since the day I’ve been gone
Can’t find me no woman in this Yankee land
There’s a place in old Dixie I know where I can

Since I left old Georgia a long time ago
We run Grant’s big army in the land where it snows
The cold wind is blowing and freezing the rain
But there’s hot blood still running through these rebel veins

The call of the wild keeps howling to me
From the mountains down yonder in old Tennessee
Got a woman who’s waiting in old Knoxville town
When night falls I’m going to be Tennessee bound

I’m a poor rebel soldier and I’m going home
Cause I don’t call it living when I’m living alone
Come morning they’ll look but me they won’t find
I’m going to be south of that old Dixie line