Only Way To Say Goodbye, The

I’m so lonesome and alone since you left our happy home
Now all that’s left are these tears upon my face
I’ve turned to drinkin’ and prayin’ that the lord would hear me sayin
take me away from this sad and lonely place

   I’ve got no plans for tomorrow
   I’m so ashamed and filled with sorrow
   I should have told you that I loved you everyday
   The only way to say goodbye is with these tears that fill my eyes
   I hear you call me as they fall upon your grave

If I could only be set free from your haunting memory
But still I find that I’m a prisoner of your love
There’s nothing left for me to do but in this pain of losin’ you
So I am down upon the ground I’ve had enough

Not knowin where to turn from here
My heart still yearns for you my dear
I can’t take this awful pain I’m goin through
I’ll take this gun in tremblin hand and hope the lord will understand
There’s just no way that I could stay here without you