One Track Mind

They say I got a one track mind and I’ll admit it’s true
So many women on my mind I got no time for you
There’s a different sweetie every night I’m a workin’ overtime
Can’t concentrate on nothin’ else I got a one track mind

   One track mind all the time
   Don’t like you chasin’ after me I’m a leavin’ you behind
   Yonder lies a greener grass so don’t expect me back
   They say I’ve got a one track mind and I’m on the right track

Well I’m not hard to satisfy but you gotta treat me right
I just want a different girl each day and three or four each night
Don’t make me lose my temper I don’t want to be unkind
Don’t think that you can tie me down I got a one track mind

I think it’s time to call an end to our little episode
I been tied down a bit too long it’s time to hit the road
A rollin’ stone won’t rest alone that’s what I always find
Don’t blame me don’t blame yourself blame that one track mind