Omie Wise

I’ll tell you a story about omie wise
How she was deluded by john lewis’ lies
He told her to meet him by adam’s spring
He’d bring her some money and other fine things

He brought her no money nor no other fine things
But get up behind me omie to squire ellis we’ll go
She got up behind him so carefully they did go
They rode till they came where deep waters did flow

John lewis he concluded to tell her his mind
John lewis he concluded to leave her behind
Take pity on my infant and spare me my life
And I will go distracted and never be your wife

He kicked her and choked her and turned her around
He threw her in deep water where he knew she would drown
John lewis He remounted rode back to adam’s farm
Inquiring after omie but she was not at home

John lewis was taken prisoner and locked up in jail
Locked up in jail there to remain for a while
John lewis he stayed there for about six months or more
Then he broke jail Into the army he did go