No Telephone In Heaven

Now I can’t wait on baby the smiling merchant said
As stooped and softly toyed with his golden curly head
I want to call up mamma came the answer full and free
Will you telephone and ask her when she’s coming back to me

   My child the merchant murmured as he stroked the anxious brow
   No telephone connection where your mother lives at now
   No telephone in heaven and a tear sprang in her eyes
   I thought God had everything with him up in the sky

Tell her that I get so lonesome that I don’t know what to do
And pappa cries so much I guess he must be lonesome too
Tell her to come to baby cause at night I get so ‘fraid
With no one there to kiss me when the lights begin to fade

All through the day I want her since my dolly’s got so sore
With the awful punching brother give it with his little sword
There aint no one to fix it since mamma’s gone away
And poor little lonesome dolly’s getting thinner every day