No Burdens Pass Through

The storm clouds rise no light in the sky
And my loved ones have gone and left me
There’s glory divine it’s riches are mine
He tells me no burdens pass through

Oh (what a day) what a day (oh what a day)
When the clouds pass away (when the clouds, clouds pass away)
And Jesus supreme on his throne
My tears wiped away (all my tears, tears wiped away)
And the night turns to day (and the night, the nights changed to day)
No burdens are allowed to pass through

There’ll be no sorrow in our new home
No funeral train in the sky
No rent to pay no taxes come due
No burden’s are allowed to pass through

He never fails me when I’m in need
My soul is so weighted with care
He leads me through He helps me to stand
He whispers no burdens pass through