My Old Log Cabin

I’ve got an old log cabin by the side of the road
And you’re welcome to rest there if you bear a heavy load
There’s a picture of Jesus hanging over my door
And I talk to my Savior from my knees on the floor

Many years I have lived here just struggling along
Once the walls shook with laughter they heard many a song
It seen the joys of my family shared my grief since they’re gone
Kept me dry from the rain weathered many a storm

I’m just an old feeble man now not much father to go
Soon my savior’s gonna call me for He’s often told me so
I’ll just stay in my cabin till I’ve lived my life’s span
And in my Savior’s name I’ll do all that I can

It heard me sing Rock of Ages and the Old Rugged Cross
Heard me pray for many people who’s soul thought was lost
Seen me welcome many strangers who needed help on their way
Will see the angels come for me when I’ve lived my last day