My Little Honeysuckle Rose

My little honeysuckle rose you know I love you
Even though you’re many miles away
You’re a sweetheart so divine and I’ll always call you mine
And I’m hopin’ that we meet again someday

Little honeysuckle rose how I miss you
Darlin’ could you ever forget
Oh the day seemed like years and I’ve shed so many tears
And as I loved you then I love you yet

Among the honeysuckle vines we use to wander
When I was with the girl I loved the best
When you promised to be true I’ll remember dear to you
When I pinned a lovely rose upon your breast

Now I’ll say my last goodbye my little darlin’
The roses for me dear I know you’ll save
After I am dead and gone if that love still linger’s on
There’s honeysuckle vines upon my grave