My Heart’s Tonight In Texas

In the distant state of Texas
By the silver Rio Grande
Strolled a couple out one evening
Was two sweethearts hand in hand
Was a rich man’s pretty daughter
And the lad she loved so dear
Though tomorrow they must part for many a year

   My heart’s tonight in Texas
   Though I’m far across the sea
   The band is playing Dixie
   And that’s where I long to be
   Dad says the earl I’ll marry
   But although here is my hand
   My heart’s tonight in Texas
   By the silver Rio Grande

To Europe she was going
To become a lady grand
For her father hoped an
Earl of course she’ll wed
But she went away next morning
And her heart was true to Jack
A letter came one day and this it read

At a stately ball in England
Stood the Texas lass one night
The scenes were all splendid
And the light were dizzyingly bright
The earl knelt beside her
Asking her to be his bride
But her thoughts were by the silver Rio Grande