Mountain Rosa Lee

I met the girl named Jole Blon and I know her sister too
I met Ann from Old Cheyenne and I know Sue City Sue
There’s sweet Marie from Tennessee and Louisiana Lou
I know them all from A to Z and I met Miss Molly too

But of all the pretty girls I met there’s just one girl for me
She lives away back in the hills my Mountain Rosa Lee
Her hair is dark and curly and her eyes are big and blue
Raised on corn and taters and she loves her mountain dew

   Mountain sweet heart
   Mountain Rosa Lee
   Hillbilly baby waiting there for me
   Cheeks are red as roses and lips are meant for me
   Hillbilly baby my Mountain Rosa Lee

There’s Texas Red in Texas they say she’s out of sight
Pistol Packing Mama full of dynamite
Sadie from Missouri as fine as she can be
But none can satisfy me like my Mountain Rosa Lee

Now you can have your Texas gals and Louisiana Lou
I’ll give you Miss Molly and sweet Sue City Sue
I’ll give you Ann from Old Cheyenne and Marie from Tennessee
I’m going back to the mountains and Marry Rosa Lee