Mommy Please Stay Home With Me

A mother went out to a party
She left at home her baby son
He cried and begged her not to leave him
But she would not give up her fun

   She kissed his cheek and tried to soothe him
   But would not heed his childish plea
   She heard him call as she was leaving
   Please mommy please stay home with me

The mother joined the merrymakers
And soon was lost in trifling joy
The mellow tunes and flitting shadows
Made her forget her baby boy

   She danced and laughed and did some drinking
   The world for her was full of glee
   But now and then these words would haunt her
   Please mommy please stay home with me

She left the party feeling dizzy
The smell of drink was on her breath
She hurried home to find her baby
In raging pain and nearing death

   The doctor came and looked on sadly
   The case was hopeless, he could see
   The baby died, these words repeating
   Please mommy please stay home with me

The mother now, her life would forfeit
To hear her baby’s voice again
She grieved to think she rudely left him
To satisfy her wicked vein

   Now mothers don’t neglect your duty
   This story should a lesson be
   Do not ignore your baby’s pleading
   Please mommy please stay home with me