Lulu Walls

One evening getting dark, we first met at the park
Sitting by the fountain all alone;
I lifted up my hat, and then began to chat
She said she’d love to see me at her home

   Such a star I’ve never seen, she’s as pretty as a queen
   She’s as perfect as an angel from above,
   If she’ll only be my wife, I’ll live happy all my life
   With that aggravating beauty, Lulu Walls

If she were only mine, I would build a house so fine
Around it so many fences tall,
It would make me jealous free, that no one else but me
Could gaze on that beauty, Lulu Walls

One evening getting late, I met her at the gate
I asked her if she’d wed me in the fall,
She only turned away, and nothing would she say
That aggravating beauty, Lulu Walls