Lost Soldier Son

Our family is proud of their lost soldier son
Not because they believe in the flag or a gun
They miss him because they remember him well
And loved him so dearly ‘for the day that he fell

All I knew was the pictures some stories they told
About young Carl Junior that good hearted boy
We had a connection I’ll tell it to you
He liked the good music now just like I do

I see a kind face staring down from the wall
Every time that I pass through my grandparents hall
It’s almost reflection his face so like mine
My uncle Carl Junior now in the great line

My mother remembers the day that she heard
As she learned of her brother she spoke not a word
A small yellow paper received on that day
It read killed in action in France far away

They still love him dearly it all seems so sad
Grandmother grandfather my mother and dad
They cherish the last things he won from afar
That one purple heart and a bright silver star

Now nothing can bring the boy back to the fold
But his precious memories ever loving we hold
When the music is playing and we’re all gathered there
Our spirits rekindle no more to despair